10 tattoos you will regret in 5 years

If you’re new to tattooing, there’s no shame in getting some feedback and advice. Want to avoid some simple and frequent mistakes before getting your next tattoo? Read on and discover the top 10 tattoos that get removed or covered up within 5 years.

too small

Too many people think they are being sensible by starting small. The common justification is  “if I regret it, then at least it will be a small mistake”. Here’s where you are going wrong. Going small is the mistake, or shall we say going too small. You tattoo has to match the body part it’s on. Tiny tattoos look great behind you ear, in most cases, they look out of proportion on larger body parts such as your back or your upper arm. Get some advise, keep it in proportion, think of the final look, are you planning to add to it in future, will you need to get close to the mirror to see it, or put your reading glasses on to enjoy it ? Don’t think that small is safe. Small is mostly inappropriate and makes your mistake stand out even more.

Too big

Remember Cheryl Cole’s backside tattoo ? Most of us cannot really say why we don’t like it. It’s nicely done. She can afford the best tattoo artist in the country. The design is right, the colours are beautiful but we don’t like it because it’s too big. Again, think about the proportions in relation to the body part.

cheryl cole bum tattoo

cheryl cole bum tattoo

Your partner’s name

Come on, we’ve been through this before. You love your partner, you will be together forever, that’s great. Yet 70% of people paying for tattoo removal or cover up are getting rid of the ex-partner’s name. We’ve warned you.

Too cheesy

That love quote is beautiful, That star poem is awesome, Love, laughter, happiness, we love those little reminders to enjoy life to the full. Please don’t make it too cheesy. « The sight of the stars makes me dream ». In 5 years time, it will make you puke.

Your Name

Getting a tattoo of “Your name” on your ass on a night out with your mates…. A good laugh when you’re 18, an expensive tattoo removal session 5 years later. Please note that teh previous advice on too small or too big does not apply here. It’s a bad idea not matter what size, font or design.

your name tattoo

your name tattoo

Face tattoo

Unless you’re part of a gang or a number one rap artist, stay clear of face tattoos. Your mum won’t like it. In 5 year’s time, you won’t like it…or it could be much sooner than that.

Neck tattoo

Unless it’s a sweet tattoo (small but not too small) at the back of the neck that you can cover up with your long hair when needed, neck tattoos are not a great idea. See Face Tattoo above.

Cheap tattoo

You thought about it long enough. You know what you want. Your trusted friends approved. It will be with you for the rest of your life. Then why go and have it done in a cheap place. Unless it’s been strongly recommended by several users, stay away from cheap tattoo parlors. The quality will be your first regret within days and it will be an expensive cover up within 5 years.

Witty tattoo

It’s so witty, so funny, such a great idea when you’re a teenager. Will this be that funny in 5 year’s time ? Or a big fat regret and an expensive cover up.


A tattoo of a brand for £100, really ? I don’t think we need to explain this one. Just note that the cover up will be slightly more expensive.