Dangerous tattoo ink found in Germany

Are you thinking about getting a new tattoo? You might want to avoid doing it in Germany. A new study has found dangerous materials in tattoo ink. Two-thirds of tattoo ink tested by the research company during the survey contained dangerous materials. These dangerous materials are not illegal but they are not intended to be injected the human body. The tattoos made with inks containing dangerous components could have effect on health in the long term, especially for people who have very large tattoos or tattoos all over the body.

The government survey published on Friday revealed that one in three tattoos in Germany contain unauthorised substances and two in three contain technical ink such as automotive paint or printer ink.

The Chemical and Veterinarian Medicine Investigation (CVUA) office in Karlsruhe, Germany said samples of tattoo ink analysed by their teams showed cancer-causing materials, including carbon black which is often used in automobile tires and printer toner.

Let’s hope that this survey will trigger an alert in every tattoo shop in Germany and that they will bring this up with their ink suppliers. Ink suppliers are responsible for the quality of ink and they need to be specifically tested to be safe once injected under the skin.

New inks are being developed at the moment in America. Developers are trying to create a permanent tattoo ink which would also be easy to destroy using a laser if people wanted to have a tattoo removed.