Kat Von D Removes Tattoo Of Ex Jesse James

Kat Von D is not just an expert at drawing tattoos. She is also becoming an expert when it comes to tattoo removal as she is finally getting rid of the last reminder she had of her ex Jesse James.

Her last Jesse James tattoo was on her rib cage. Last Friday, Kat Von D started removing the tattoo with laser tattoo removal procedures. She shared a photo of her tattoo removal process on Twitter with some cheeky comments expressing how glad she is to get rid of the painful souvenir.

When the couple initially split up, Kat wanted to keep the tattoo because she liked the portrait but with time, she has realised that it’s time to have it removed.

tattoo removal kat von d

Once again, this story highlights that you have to be very careful before getting your boyfriend or girlfriend name tattooed on your body. Especially with a serial cheat like Jesse James!