Pink gives up on tattoo removal

Pop singer Pink has announced that she will no longer try to have her tattoos removed. After trying tattoo removal on one of her existing tattoos, located behind her ear, she said the procedure was just too painful and confirmed that she will not be going back for further tattoo removal treatments.

Pink is known for her many tattoos as well as for her beautiful voice. She has accumulated over twenty tattoos over the years, but recently decided to get one of them removed using laser tattoo removal. The tattoo is situated behind her ear and it’s a very sensitive area of the body. After the first tattoo removal session, she said it was too painful and has given up on the procedure.

Pink was quoted saying the treatment was “ten times worse than getting the tattoo”. Local treatments can be applied to limit the pain of tattoo removal but the area behind the ear is quite sensitive and people react differently to the procedure.

Instead of getting the tattoo removed, pink said that she has accepted that she will be 80 years old with all of her ink. She was also quoted as saying, “Sometimes I forget I have them. Then I see pictures of myself and think, ‘yeah, I do look kinda trashy.”

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Her story is a great example for anyone looking to have laser tattoo removal. You have to be prepared and committed as a treatment can be painful and need to be spread over many weeks. However, so many people are benefitting from tattoo removal to bounce back from a relationship or to help them get a new job.