Rihanna: I wanted face tattoo

Rihanna loves tattoos so much that she wanted to get a new very visible design…on her face! She already has several tattoos including tattoos on her neck, wrist and arms but she was also very close at one point to getting a face tattoo. The revelation will hopefully raise awareness about face tattoos and why you should think very carefully before getting a face tattoo.

Rihanna explained that the only thing that stopped her from getting her face tattoo was that she could not find someone willing to do what she wanted, to ink a permanent face tattoo on her. Many tattoo artist will only do face tattoos on people who already have tattoos, have a long experience of tattoos and have the personality to live with a face tattoo. You have to have a strong personality as people will stare at you in the street. Rihanna explained how her tattoo artist refused to do it.

Face tattoo are very painful to remove. Anyone looking to get face tattoo, just like Rihanna, should think about it for at least 6 months and seek advise from family and friends.