The Semicolon Tattoo

This cute and tiny tattoo is springing up everywhere on social media. From Facebook to Pinterest, it looks like it has conquered the hearts of thousands. But what does it mean?

What is the semicolon tattoo and what does it mean

The simple punctuation mark has been adopted as a symbol by the non-profit group ‘The Semicolon Project‘ to help raise awareness over mental illness.

The semicolon is used when a sentence could have ended, but didn’t. The author chooses to carry on. This idea of “carrying on” is what attracted the founders of the semicolon project to this simple character. In other words – Your Story Isn’t Over Yet.

The Semicolon Project is a movement dedicated to raising awareness of mental illness and was started in 2013. It has now become of symbol for people who may have had a history of self-harmed, of depression and anxiety, of personality disorder, of addiction, or people who may have tried to commit suicide. It is their way of showing that, just like the author, they choose to carry on. The semicolon tattoo represents the continuation of life.  It is also a constant reminder that their battle has not come to an end and that they need to keep fighting and keep going.

Raising awareness of mental illness is critical as people need to be aware that they are not alone and that there are solutions and that help is available.

Why would you want to get this semicolon tattoo

Like any tattoo, it is a very personal thing. You may want to share your history of dealing with an issue with depression or mental illness or you may simply want to share your concern and support someone close to you. Everyone is affected by mental illness at one point in their lives, either becomes they have suffered themselves or they have seen someone close struggle with issues.

Where to ink the semicolon tattoo

Most people on social media have opted for the wrist. It’s a nice delicate design which is perfect for the wrist and it doesn’t have to be big to show its meaning. It can be as tiny as 1cm and anyone will still understand the meaning. It will also be there with you as a reminder. Other options include the ankle, the back of the ear, the back of the neck, fingers or arms. If you want to use this symbol as a daily reminder that you want to keep going and be strong, then we would recommend to ink it somewhere visible, somewhere that you would look at everyday.

semi colon tattoo wrist

semicolon tattoo neck

semicolon tattoo foot

Why is the semicolon project so important

The founders of th organisation hope that this trend will help thousands of people around the world. By persuading people to ink this semicolon tattoo, it will help break boundaries, get people talking and eventually, they hope that it will help break down the stigma associated with mental illness.

The semicolon tattoo can be done permanent or temporary and shared with friends and family to get people talking about the subject of mental illness.