Tattoo Removal by Skin Transplant

Lasers have made it easier to remove unwanted tattoos. They work by braking up the ink particles which helps to lighten tattoos gradually. Lightening a tattoo using laser tattoo removal generally takes several treatments and can be expensive. How well it works depends on the tattoo ink, the size of the tattoo and how old it is. For larger areas, skin transplant can be an effective alternative to laser treatment. Here’s how skin transplant works:

Tattoo Removal by Skin Transplant

Tattoo Removal by Skin Transplant or skin graft is a surgical operation which consists of cutting out the unwanted tattoo and grafting or transplanting skin in its place. The skin is taken from elsewhere on the body. From the sample taken from your body, the clinic will develop a graft in sterile conditions in the lab. They simply need to take a sample of your skin from which they will regenerate new skin cells to produce a skin graft large enough to cover the area of the tattoo. This is a technique which was first developed to treat patients with burn areas.

Once the graft is ready, the new cultured skin will be applied to the tattoo area and surgically sewn in place.

The major drawback of this technique is that it will leave a scar after the surgery around the transplant area. The bigger the area of the tattoo, the bigger the scar. There might also be some slight colour difference.

The healing time for skin graft tattoo removal varies depending upon the size and depth of the tattoo.

Before making your decision whether to try laser tattoo removal or skin transplant, make sure to research both procedures thoroughly and to understand the after treatment care, the cost, the pain and all other considerations. Also laser technology is progressing fast so make sure you only make enquiries from clinics that operate the latest Q-switched laser and have various laser types for each colour you need to target. This is particularly important if the tattoo you want to remove has multiple colours such as green, red, yellow, blue or purple.

Some reports say that Pharrell Williams spent over £100,000 when he used skin grafts to remove old tattoos. Not all skin transplants will be that expensive but the surgical procedure can be quite expensive and the after care can take a long time.

Do your research based on the size and complexity of your tattoo and the area of the body where it is located before you select a skin transplant.