Your Name Tattoo

Your Name is becoming one of the most popular tattoos to have inked on your backside. It is a joke tattoo that enables you to say to anyone “I have your name tattooed on my …”.  If you want to be flirty with someone and say “I have your name tattooed on my ass”, then it doesn’t matter what the person name is. It will always be true. You will always have “Your Name” tattooed on your butt cheek! At least until you grow out of the joke and decide to have it laser removed or covered up with a flower.

This tattoo is one of the most popular holiday tattoos at the moment. Holiday tattoos are small tattoos that young British and European people have done while partying on holiday, sometimes when they are drunk. It serves as a souvenir of good parties, holiday time, fun and freedom. Plenty of tattoo places in Ayia Napa, Rimini or Ibiza are doing small tattoo like “Your Name” or “Loving life” as souvenir for as little as 20€.

On the plus side, it is better than tattooing a real name, if the relationship is unlikely to last for life. Over 50% of people who have their partner’s name tattooed will have to have it removed of covered up at some point. On the other side, it is a fun tattoo and a great party trick when you are young. I’m not sure you will want to show it around so much when as you get older. At least, if it is fairly small in size, it can easily be covered up with another tattoo or removed using tattoo removal equipment.

Unfortunately, a good cover up or laser tattoo removal is likely to be slightly more expensive than 20€. Hopefully, years of banter and flirting with Your Name tattoos make it all worth it.

Your Name Tattoo

Two in three young people who have tattoos on holiday later regret it, according to a recent survey.