Your Name Tattoo

Your Name is becoming one of the most popular tattoos to have inked on your backside. It is a joke tattoo that enables you to say to anyone “I have your name tattooed on my …”.  If you want to be flirty with someone and say “I have your name tattooed on my ass”, then it doesn’t matter what the person name is. It will always be true. You will always have “Your Name” tattooed on your butt cheek! At least until you grow out of the joke and decide to have it laser removed or covered up with a flower. Continue reading Your Name Tattoo

Tattoo Removal for John Carew?

The former Aston Villa player’s latest tattoo has been misspelled. The number of celebrities with misspelled tattoos is forever growing and yet, they go and get inked without checking the correct translation first. With the high number of French players in premier league clubs (Nicolas Anelka for instance),  it would have been very easy for John Carew to find the correct translation for his tattoo and to have it double checked by another French player before getting inked. Yet, he went ahead a got himself a misspelled tattoo. Continue reading Tattoo Removal for John Carew?

Tattoo Removal by Skin Transplant

Lasers have made it easier to remove unwanted tattoos. They work by braking up the ink particles which helps to lighten tattoos gradually. Lightening a tattoo using laser tattoo removal generally takes several treatments and can be expensive. How well it works depends on the tattoo ink, the size of the tattoo and how old it is. For larger areas, skin transplant can be an effective alternative to laser treatment. Here’s how skin transplant works. Continue reading Tattoo Removal by Skin Transplant

Skull Tattoo on Face

Having a face tattoo is always a big statement. Some tattoo artists even refuse to do face tattoos. You need to have a really strong personality to have a face tattoo and be happy with it. A tattoo artist will normally assess each client requesting a face tattoo to make sure that they are aware of the consequences and have had other tattoos and can put up with the fact that people will stare. Continue reading Skull Tattoo on Face

New zodiac sign could lead to tattoo cover up

On Jan. 13, anyone paying attention to the horoscope and their star sign had to face a new truth. Your star sign might be wrong. In the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Minnesota Planetarium Society claimed the “wobble” of the Earth had shifted the zodiac signs and that we need to readjust or common knowledge. Continue reading New zodiac sign could lead to tattoo cover up

Football Fan Gets Victory Tattoo Before Final

A football fanatic was so sure to see his football team win the FA cup that he had a celebration tattoo done 4 days before the final! You could say that it was very brave….or very foolish. The team had no guarantee of winning the trophy and if they had failed to win, the super confident fan would have ended up with a very embarrassing tattoo. Continue reading Football Fan Gets Victory Tattoo Before Final