Laser Tattoo Removal

For thousands of years, people where using tattoos as a way to customise your body and stress your own identity. Tattoos have always been inked for life. Even today, when you get a tattoo done, most tattoos are done with permanent ink and are on your skin for life. However, in the past few years, a new technique has been developed to remove tattoo using the light pulse from a laser. This method can actually remove a tattoo completely and to this day, it’s the most effective method of removing a tattoo permanently.

The technology behind laser tattoo removal is based on breaking down the pigments under the skin. The laser can reach the colours of the tattoo, the pigments from the ink under the skin and break them down. Then the small particles of pigments are naturally removed from the body in the same way as we get rid of toxins on a daily basis.

You will need more than one session to remove the tattoo effectively and you will need to go to a clinic specialising in tattoo removal. As more and more people want to remove tattoos and are turning to laser tattoo removal techniques, then more clinics are specialising into this treatment.

A trained professional will guide you through the process from the first meeting, through to analysing your request, giving you a quote for the treatment and talking you through the procedure.

When you start your treatment, the laser light will be directed to your tattoo for a short period of time. You will need more than one session and you will gradually see your tattoo fade. You might need more sessions if your tattoo has colours such as red and green as they are harder to remove. Black ink is easier to remove.

Laser tattoo removal is expensive but it is the most recommended treatment for removing a tattoo and the treatment of choice used by celebrities who have removed tattoos such as Pharell Williams.

The cost of removing a tattoo using laser tattoo removal will depend on the actual tattoo, the size and the colours. The cost can range from a few hundred pounds to several thousand pounds for larger tattoos. Make sure to research clinics around your area before signing up for the procedure.